Can a Texas Notary Notarize for Family Members?

By American Association of Notaries

A Texas notary public is responsible for serving as an unbiased and disinterested witness to the signing of important legal documents. This means a Texas notary is tasked with the important role of ensuring that a signer’s identity has been verified and that he or she signed a particular document willingly and without coercion. Given a notary’s responsibility to play an unbiased and disinterested role, can a Texas notary perform notarizations for members of his or her family? This article will explore that pertinent question.

What, then, should you do if a family member asks you to notarize a document? You should refuse to perform the service, but you can soften the refusal by providing him or her with a list of reliable Texas notaries who can assist. Preparing a list of a few nearby notaries will help you to maintain your relationship while also declining to perform a notarization that may contain the appearance of irregularity or conflict of interest.

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Five Ways to Defend Against Any Issue

1. Don’t take it personally. People project their own attitude and feelings, just like you do.

2. Change your perception. Your response to the situation is what matters.

3. Focus on positive solutions. Don’t lose your highest connection because you have allowed your vibe to change✨.

4. Realize life is a series of up’s and down’s 🤷🏽‍♀️. Relax and stay calm🧘🏾‍♂️

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5. Concentrate on TODAY. Do NOT hold on to anger.✨

DWC Seeks Comments on Proposed Wage Statement Forms

TDI Division of Workers’ Compensation

Texas Department of Insurance

Search Engine Optimization-SEO #Q&A — Elegant Eventss Public Relations

#ElegantEventssPR What is this and what is it for🤔 Objective Based Search Optimization Search Engine Optimization is procedure that takes into account the different areas that search engines are looking for and then optimizing those points so that search engines can understand the subject the website is concerned with and present it to people when […]

Search Engine Optimization-SEO #Q&A — Elegant Eventss Public Relations

Consumer Complaints


There may come a time when you need to file a complaint against a business or entity.

As a former Human Resource Specialist with The Department of Commerce, I can advise you that some claims that came across my desk appeared as simple journal rants.

If you want your complaint to receive action, here are 5 important things to remember:

1. Before you start an application, answer your questions on a sheet of notebook paper 📝 to review your answers. This is important so that you do not have scratch outs or liquid paper blots.

2. Make sure your answers stick to facts. Leave feelings out of the equation such as:

◦ ‘They were rude to me.’

◦ ‘They are lazy and not helpful.’

◦ ‘They dress inappropriately.’

◦ ‘I don’t like the way they talk to me.’

You won’t receive compensation for hurt feelings. Sorry.

Stick to the facts about what your ACTUAL complaint is about. Ask yourself how these people are in breach of the contract (verbal or written) or in violation of a particular code/law. Other than that, your complaints may be considered frivolous.

3. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. If your documentation appears that you are illiterate, your paperwork will NOT be a priority. Who can understand what you are trying to say? Submitting grammatical and spelling errors shows you do not particularly care about the outcome because this is a one sided way of thinking. Help the person reviewing your complaint or claim help you by making sure your written communication is legible and readable.

4. If you don’t exactly know HOW to answer a question, google an example of responses to THAT question. Don’t copy/paste that answer, of course, but this should get your brain moving in the right direction.

5. Last but not least, answer each question on your form with the least amount of words required to express your point. This is why it’s good to write out your answers on notebook paper first so that you may see how many words you are using. Keep it simple. Short and factual.

Got it? Awesome. If you have questions concerning how to complete a particular document 📄, send me an email to I will answer your questions in a general Q & A blog.

Have a great and intellectual 🧐 day!

San B

Elegant Eventss Public Relations

Phrases Leaders Use to Maintain Control of a Conversation

Certainly you have encountered a business situation where your feelings and emotions need to stay in check. Too much use of the word ‘I’, may sound aggressive to a client and they might feel like you are not considering their point of view.

Keeping it simple and communicating factually with a pleasant tone can retain a client that is thinking of leaving your business or service. Dealing with a dissatisfied client calls for a specialist in retention who understands what the client feels without absorbing the clients feelings.

Here are some phrases to substitute when you need to explain the facts without personalization.

Now, aren’t these phrases lighter and less defensive? Yes, San B. Right on!

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TikTok Challenge Fatality

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